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A 22M x 3M 100 Tonne UNIWEIGHER X was recently supplied to Lujeri Tea Estates in Malawi. This replaced the existing 8M weighbridge that Lujeri had ‘coped’ with for years. The site engineer commented that the weighbridge installation would be easier that the construction of the foundations. As there is no ready mix available on site, boulders from the local stream had to be broken down to form aggregate and had mixed with cement to form the concrete – no mean feat when 10M of concrete is required – maybe a story for Mega Builders ???

Phil Braddock posted this on 16/12/2009 at 10:24am
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LIBYA exports

We recently supplied 2 new 20m x 3m UNIWEIGHER X weighbridges with 80 Tonnes weighing capacity to a customer in Libya. The foundations were constructed by a Libyan company to our drawings and the installation supervised by one of our service engineers. It has to be said that the process of obtaining the work permit took longer than the weighbridge installations. The customer was so happy with the weighbridges and installation procedure that he confirmed his intention to purchase 2 further weighbridges in January.

Phil Braddock posted this on 16/12/2009 at 9:53am
Posted under: New Work

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